Fool Proof Ways to Make Your Next Party Standout

Following on from her last article, Elise Willson shares some fool proof ways to make your party one to remember…. In a good way!

Fool Proof Ways to Make Your Next Party a Standout

For those moments that you are desperately craving a social soiree but need some fabulous creative inspiration that won’t end in epic teary Pinterest fails. Focus on a few standout decorations or touches, invite the dearest around and smash that ‘mum’s don’t party’ delusion.


In case you missed it… Balloons are cool again! The bigger the better, and you will only need a handful to make an impression, like these amazing confetti filled jumbo sizes from Poppies for Grace.


Easy DIY (and nostalgically fun) desserts like these pastel icy poles have the added bonus of being crazy pretty. See ‘how to’ at the crafty must-read that is StudioDIY.


Pretty wooden disposables from Ruby Rabbit for yummy tapas and treats…… and no washing up!!


Make sure you jump on the wash train!!! You can often buy in theme friendly, colour matched multi packs like this Pastel Box Set from The Make Good Co… Perfect for vases, tea lights, menu borders…

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.07.04 pm

Or start with a perfect base by channeling Oh Joy with an epic DIY Washi Tablerunner.

A picture perfect dinner or party need not take millions of DIY hours (or cost you a bank loan)… Our dear friend ‘The Internet’ has so many fun fabulous ideas ready and waiting for you to discover… Keep it simple. keep it fun. and go find an excuse to ‘throw a do’.


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