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Our lifestyle editor and ‘mummy blogger’ Elise Willson, shares about not letting other people hold us back from doing the things we love.

Here’s a little bit of an ouch, ‘close to home’ topic of mine.

Let’s start with this… Although I have always enjoyed writing, I never actively pursued it as a career! My blog and writing progressed over time from several other projects and has stuck. And although I absolutely love doing what I do, I have always struggled with accepting my title as a ‘mummy blogger’. I found myself feeling like a cliche.. You know, another new mama who thinks her opinions and experiences are too fascinating to not share with the world… Could clearly picture people rolling their eyes when hearing about me blogging away about parenting, pregnancy, recipes etc…


I truly felt like this for a good year or so, and largely it still is something I struggle with (i.e. when rebranding and designing my website, I sat down with my marketing guru and said ‘please don’t make it look like a mum blog’!). But one happy day I stumbled across a post from Joy Cho (of ‘oh joy’ fame) which explored the language we sometimes use that can be damaging to our business. She explained how using the word ‘just’ (which I do ALL THE TIME) demotes and unnecessarily apologises for our work.

I just wanted to follow up…

Just wanted to enquire about… 

or I just run a mum blog…

After reading this I became a lot more aware of the words I speak over my work, and quickly realised that if anyone was damaging my chances of success or progression, it was me. My constant dismissiveness about what I was doing (which I usually excused as me being humble) was hijacking any hope I had of making a proper career out of it… And making a career out of blogging is generally as possible as making real money out of Monopoly anyway.


Parenting quite often derails our previously well planned out careers and many of us find ourselves in unfamiliar territory… Either as full time stay at home mamas, part time working mamas, trying to work from home mamas, selling handmade stuff on Etsy mamas… But as with most things in life, taking on what other people think of us will only hold us back.

The act of belittling what we love, in the fear of feeling unvalidated will only destroy our passion. Every time I excuse myself as ‘just another mum blogger’ or box my work in as ‘just my little creative project’, not only short changes myself in the eyes of readers and businesses, but I insult my right to find true enjoyment and passion in something I’m actually quite good at.

So here I am… putting it all out there…. I am a mama who blogs, a mummy blogger… I will no longer let that phrase make me cringe! Yes there are about a billion of us out there, but I have at least a fraction of uniqueness to my voice 😉 I really do love this writing gig, and that needs to be good enough for me.

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NOTE from Emma, Editor-in-Chief: I think you’ll all agree that Elise from Baby Bean is one of the funniest, honest ‘mummy bloggers’ going around and definitely one of our faves. Thank you Elise for yet another REAL article!! X x P.S. She doesn’t know I’ve popped this in here 😉


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“Wife to someone ridiculously handsome. Mum to sassy, hilarious little Evie and gorgeous baby Lola. Past pro events planner who you now find in my loved escape of both exploring the inspiring and FUN world of kids interiors and fashion, while writing REAL, relatable and (hopefully) humorous posts on this incredible and overwhelming parenting gig!” @_baby_bean

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