Healthy Start to 2016

Our lifestyle editor, Elise Willson, has given her top tips for a healthy start to 2016.

Jump on that ‘Healthy Start to 2016‘ bandwagon!

Hands up if like me you love a good New Year’s Resolution??! Yes I know they often only last for January (if that) and people may scoff at the constant attempts to (re)start living healthy again… BUT one month of healthier living is better than none at all, right?! So if you’re going to be ‘starting off new’ in 2016 and are ready to dust off the Ab Circle Pro (or similar late night purchases) then check out some of these winning purchases below to help you along your happy healthy way.

WM Healthy guide


The pocket coaches. Please someone let me know if there’s an app that yells at you when you pick up a donut!

C25K – If just the thought of going for a run gives you a stitch then this is the perfect place to start! Literally step by step guide to taking you from the ‘Couch’ to your first 5k run in 8 weeks!

Lifesum – Balance, balance, balance! A clean, simple and easily personalised ‘healthy goal’ app that will not only let you know the (scary) amount of calories that are in your morning croissant but is filled with exercise suggestions to work that delicious morsel off.

Hippie Lane – Caters not only for frustrating food intolerances but also for those who need a ‘sweet treat’ fix but are trying to break that nasty donut relationship. Fabulously simple and honestly delicious recipes!


The ‘must haves’ for healthy living in 2016:

Fressko flasks – Up your water intake in the most stylish way with these beauties! Double walled with infusers for tea, coffee or fruit.

Cacao Powder – Start the year off with one of the best food sources of muscle relaxing, stress relieving magnesium. Not to be confused with Cocoa powder… save that for wintry hot chocolates + marshmallows. Really a true superfood and delicious when combined with banana, honey and coconut water for a choc-banana smoothie.

Cotton On Body Activewear – We all know the best motivation to work out is new activewear! If buying gear burnt calories I would have reached my goals months before! We can laugh at ourselves spending days on end in activewear without even breaking a sweat…. but at least we’re ready as soon as 30 minutes of time presents itself!

Nike Flyknit Runners – The colours are perfection and you can’t go past Nike for that fabulous cross over between ‘going for a run’ and ‘damn I look good!’. Pair these with the C25K running app and you’ll be posting smug 5am post-run shots in no time.


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