WM Christmas Gift Guide 2015

The WM Christmas Guide is the SAVIOUR for all of us internally screaming ‘DECEMBER!!??? WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM?’

You don’t have to be a grinch to tremble with fear at the mere thought of christmas shopping with kids in toe. Wrangling prams, carriers, trolleys… Those horrendous massive Olaf teddies that are everywhere and your little ones just MUST HAVE!! One way to avoid these stressful scenarios is to completely forego christmas, tell the kids that Santa is on strike and avoid anything public or media related for the whole month of December!! …. OR… Arm yourself with a nice detailed list, stick to online shopping as much as you can or head out once the little’uns are in bed. Those centres that stay open till midnight the week before christmas must be run by parents.

The WM Christmas Guide is the SAVIOUR for all of us internally screaming ‘DECEMBER!!???? WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM?’ After popping the kidlets in bed, pour yourself a glass of vino (or Rooibos tea if you’re feeling particularly wild) and use this list as some perfect gift ideas. Oh and kindly forward the ‘Mama’ and ‘Pregnancy’ lists onto your better half who might just need some gentle reminding/obvious prompting that time is running out and they had better improve on last year’s Box of Celebrations!!!


PREGNANCY WM Gift Guide - Pregnancy

The Daily Edited | Monogrammed Clutch Pouch. Simply because something beautiful, timeless and personalised is just what every pregnant mama needs when everything becomes ‘all’ about the baby. Perfect for those pre-baby dinner dates with your beloved!

RRP: $89.95

Bae The Label | Lightweight Grey Marle Brindille Dress. Pure maternity wardrobe staple perfection! Enough said… Just buy it. live in it. you’ll love it!

RRP: $89

Franjos Kitchen | Cookies must be one of the top guilty pleasures of mother-to-be’s! Those sweet little morsels are enough to keep you sane through nausea, insomnia, never ending neonatal visits and ‘nothing-fits-me’ meltdowns… and if you treat yourself (or your other pregnant mama friends) to a tin of Franjos Belly Bump Cookies you’ll be seriously nourishing your body while high-fiving those snacking cravings! Their powerhouse tanker topper lactation cookies are nourishing and delicious. Full of natural oats, brewers yeast and flaxseeds. Along with the superfood’s chia seeds, coconut oil and buckwheat flour our Tankers not only help you ‘fill up your tanks’ whilst breastfeeding but also load you & your baby up with vitamins, minerals & good fats during this time. Yes!! Cookies for the win! Strongly recommended to keep a secret stash for yourself somewhere! 😉

RRP $15.95

Go-To | Face Hero Skin Oil. In case you are still blissfully unaware, best to get prepared for the ‘joys’ of your pregnant skin throwing you curveball after curveball! This is your daily skin guardian and don’t be afraid to use it even if your face resembles a teenage-y oil slick most days! Keep clean, nourished and protected against any hormonal nasties trying to ruin your magical day.

RRP: $45

Storksak | Elizabeth Tan Nappy Bag. You just can’t go past the stunning beauty of a Storksak leather nappy bag! Talk about not sacrificing style in the baby years! Use the ‘Christmas’ excuse (as if the ‘pregnant’ excuse isn’t worthy enough) to pop this bad boy on the ‘I must have’ list! Will last for many bebes and you may find yourself cuddling it with a sweet contented smile at times.

RRP: $420


WM Gift Guide - Mama

Galavanty Body Care | The winning trifecta of natural ingredients, travel sizes and Australian made! Oh gosh these beauties tick all the boxes! Holiday season is hectic, busy and often involves (very-non-relaxing) travel…. Galavanty’s ‘spa-like’ skin and hair care products will quickly become your calming ‘me-time’ routine!

RRP: $45

Nike Roshe Sneakers | Stylerunner | In years to come be will all revel in the sweet time that our mothering years coincided with sneakers being fashionable footwear. Embrace this happy chance and fill your wardrobe with something that is not only instantly ‘grammable’ but so so so friendly to our busy, overtired, stressed out feet!

RRP: $160

Cuppa and Co  | A gentle breeze… bright summery sunshine… relaxing by a crystal clear pool while Hugh Jackman tops up your iced tea and chilled grapes! Well we can’t all be Deborah Lee Furness (but a girl can dream right!)… but while the kid’s attack each other with pool inflatables and your better half burns the BBQ sausages, take a moment of indulgence with the delicious Cuppa and Co loose leaf tea blends. Serving as some refreshing iced tea is a summer must have. A little bit of bliss in a whole lot of chaos.

RRP: 8.95

Lovestar | Queen of Hearts Vase. A beautiful bunch of flowers can be like magic to our moods and a stunning vase that stays out of reach of little hands is perfection for us mamas. Set a challenge and don’t let it go empty for all of 2016 and you’ll notice the simple calming beauty it can bring to your home.

RRP: $79

Samantha Wills | Wild Magnolia Bangle. Wearing beautiful jewellery will update your outfit while giving you a  boost of confidence saying ‘Yeah I still deserve pretty things’! Everything Samantha Wills is to.die.for and the stunning packaging equals easy wrapping for your well meaning other half

RRP:  $179



WM Gift Guide - Kids

StudioMine | 2015 has been the year of bed linen absolutely owning the Kids’ Interiors world!. StudioMine stock the most beautiful, carefully curated selection of children’s homewares and this Feliz Home Single Bed Duvet Cover is top of the class! Can’t go past anything Hand Screen Printed (with safe non-toxic inks of course) here in Australia! Available in Gold, Charcoal and Aqua

RRP: $170

PLUM | Europe can have their cheesy Christmas sweaters because here in Australia we will spend almost everyday these holidays in our swimwear! Multiple sets for every kid become necessary as they jump from pool to beach to under the sprinkler…. rehydrating with endless icy poles along the way. Plum’s children’s swimwear are AH-dorable, fun, super cool and with UPF 50+ Protection. With sizes ranging from 000 to 7 years you may even be able to sneak in some ‘Christmas card worthy’, matchy matchy pictures.

RRP: $29.95

Chekoh I These mini ring slings are possibly the most adorable thing you’ll ever see and are PERFECT for your little ones who are expecting a younger sibling! Natural dyes and hand screen printed + machine washable.

RRP: $35

Homely Creatures | Homely Dollhouse is for the style conscious/scandi-loving mama…. who isn’t too keen on a Barbie dream house taking over the lounge room. Doesn’t include the furniture but start a decorating project with your little one as you deck it out!

RRP: $159.95


Happy shopping!

Elise xxx

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